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Artistry in functional furniture by h r pollard
Harold Pollard
Visions of Wood

Moku KiCreating functional artwork with exotic woods from around the world:


Seeds of Life II
Wall Hanging

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Photo showing the intricate colors and construction of the Seeds of Life II wall hanging

Seeds of Life
A beautiful geometric pattern of pure shape and proportion.

This wall hanging is created with seven different exotic woods:
Cocobola, Australian Lacewood, African Yellowheart, African Bubinga, Australian Redgum, Brazilian Rosewood. The base is Black Walnut..

Diameter - 36"
Thickness - 1.25"
Hardwood inlays - 3/4" thick

Detail of joinery and wood character:

nd wood character

nd wood character

Back of piece is solid Black Walnut.

Photo showing back of Seeds of Life I wall hanging

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